Thursday, February 3, 2011

Post Snow Day....

Today was a day much like any other. It was blue skies and sunshine, glorious banks of sparkling white snow and aching muscles all over my body. I suppose that's what I get for shoveling at 10pm last night. But in my defense, it was better than getting stuck and having to push my car out of my snow-laden driveway. I think.

Needless to say it was a long day. But now I am home and ready to relax. I am going to pour a glass of red wine, open my book (well, turn on my kindle) and snuggle in for the night. So, here is today's offering.

Post Snow Day Haiku:

Cornflower blue sky,
snow glistens in the sunshine.
Isn't it spring yet?

Thanks for listening. :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The storm that cried wolf

It's a snow day today. For the first time I can remember in all my years at the library (egad, that makes me sound ancient *grin*), we are closed for the whole day because of the weather. In fact over 70 regional school districts, many businesses and most of the local colleges are closed for the day because of the weather.

For the past two days all we have heard about is the coming storm, the blizzard that will be, the snowpocalypse (I am so tired of that word), the snow storm of the year. It's been all over the news, only eclipsed temporarily and occasionally for the news out of Egypt. So last night, at around 7pm, everything started closing. The listings were pretty long by the time I went to bed, and at about 6am I got a call telling me that we were closed. I turned on the tv when I gave up on sleep and saw the longest scroll of closings I can ever remember. It looked like hundreds (and it may have been).

The problem is, nothing really happened. We got a few inches, maybe 6, of snow. It's kind of heavy snow, and there was some sleet mixed in earlier. I lay in bed this morning, while it was still pretty dark out, and listened to it on the windows. Every once in a while the wind would kick up and I could hear my chimes go crazy. It was eerie and yet peaceful. By the time I actually got up, around 8 this morning, there was nothing. It wasn't really even snowing any more. I took Bailey out and we romped through the snow in the backyard for a while. It was quiet and calm and white. There were a few drifts, but nothing we couldn't manage to get through or around. As I write this, the news was just promoted with the headline "Where's the snow?" It's certainly not here.

I almost feel guilty being home today. Almost. But hey, it's a snow day! This is the day that we, as adults, dream about every winter from the day we leave school. Unless you're a teacher or otherwise connected to the schools, it is pretty rare to have a free day, a bonus play day like this. So, I took full advantage of the blessing and started the day with hot scones. I puttered and read and played in the snow (I was advised, nearly ordered, by a friend to do so, and I am very glad I listened). I napped, and so did Bailey. I've written and arranged flowers and put up new curtains. It's been a good day. A snow day!

I figured I probably should get all I can out of this day. There won't likely be another. I think next time, everyone will err to the other side and we'll all be snowed in at work. Oh well; we got this one, and it has been wonderful. The only thing that would have been better would be if we could magically transport ourselves to be snowed in together. But then if we could magically transport ourselves, there would be no snow days.

So, here's a snow day haiku:

Early call, Snow Day!
Sleep in; hot cranberry scones.
Let's play in the snow.

Thanks for listening.

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