Thursday, June 25, 2009

A book buying expedition or two...

Well, I finally cracked. I have been doing pretty well in the "not buying stuff" department, and last weekend, I cracked. Actually, it started 2 weekends ago and culminated last weekend in a true shopping spree.

But first, I have several days to account for, 16 to be exact. For those 16 days, I have decided to get rid of 16 t-shirts. And this is what a pile of 16 t-shirts looks like:

Now for the shopping spree. I bought, over the past two weeks, 11 books:

One of them, Brida, I have started and don't like. So that one is going straight to the library and I'm not going to count it. However, I also bought two hair sticks which brings the total up to 12.

So, I'll get rid of 2 shower curtains (both the same bright, garish fish design):

One bodice that bled badly when it was washed (by the seamstress's directions, I might add...):

And one Trivial Pursuit Book Lovers edition:

A pair of flip flops that are too small:

A blue sweater t-shirt:

2 tan tops that I never wear:

2 sweaters:

And 2 matching tanks:

and that catches me up. I'll have a slew of garb to account for after his weekend, though, so stay tuned....

Monday, June 8, 2009

It's been a long, long time....

....since my last post. I've been to Ireland and I am back! I'll be posting my pictures in a seperate blog sometime soon, so watch for that!

Now, I am going to sdo this in stages, as I have many days to post for, as well as things I bought in Ireland and things I got for my birthday. (Yes, I am now a year older) I have been keeping track of things acquired and discarded, so here goes...

My last posted discard was for Tuesday, May 20; that means I have 19 things to count (and that gets me through today). Here's a list; I dpon;t have pictures this time, as I have been working with my memory cards and camera with the Ireland pics. I'll be back to photos next time.

5 paperback "throwaway" books
Burning Bright by Tracy Chevalier
An Irish Country Village by Patrick Taylor
1 old glass with gold trim (the last of the old wedding gifts....)
An old make-up case (too big for practical use)
Mozart Musical Masterpieces book and CD
Butane Curling Iron
A broken canister that goes with my tea and coffee set
1 denim shirt
2 leather skirts (yes, 2 *grin*)
4 winter scarves

That's 19 and that gets me through!

Now, the things I have acquired:
2 tshirts
1 photo album
7 CDs
2 cookbooks
1 set of guide books
Assorted small souvenirs (magnets and pins that fit in my current collections; I'm counting this as 1 thing)
2 books from Ireland
3 books for my birthday
1 dragonfly candle holder
1 claddagh ring
1 Royal Tara trinket box
1 shamrock necklace
1 claddagh necklace
2 dolls
1 sheep (not a real one. *grin*)
1 egg cup

That's 28 things.

So, I have gotten rid of:
Trivial Pursuit 90's edition
4 fire damaged tigger statuettes
4 sewing patterns
1 box assorted greeting cards
1 address book
1 pair sneakers
3 pair sandals
1 jacket
4 t shirts
1 cardigan
1 hairbrush
2 pair PJs
1 purple sweater
4 black mini skirts (let's face it; these 41 year old legs ain't never getting into a skirt THAT short again!)

That's 28 +1 (in case I missed anything).

And now I am caught up. *whew*

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