Monday, April 12, 2010

It's Haiku Monday!

Put the kettle on.
Patient anticipation.
Finally, coffee.

Happy Monday, everyone!

Disaster averted

At times the words flow like melted chocolate,
thick and sweet and smooth,
covering everything.
They dash and
dip along
in and out of
thoughts and touching
emotions sometimes best left
alone to ponder their own thoughts for a while.
And then, with no warning,
they stop. No thoughts, no
words, no attempts to write
will bring the rhythm back.
The world closes in, shuts
the process down with its
demands of life and work.
Nothing inspires, nothing
allows a spark to light the
fire, and nothing blooms.
But one day, the sun seems to rise a little more
brightly. Music travels along with the
pollen and the flowers grow
wild with joy. As the day
moves along
the world smiles.
And the thoughts begin to flow
once more, bringing a relief, a release;
and I write.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

We walk together

This is a French Rondeau. I remember it as a favourite form from years ago. Missing friends and family at faire, I wanted to explore Sterling in poem.

We Walk Together

We walk together down a winding lane,
with every step, a step from the mundane.
Greeting friends and family of the heart,
we've waited long for our time to start,
and now we're back where fantasies do reign.

With joy we play in sunshine and in rain,
the reasons we return become so plain
when frolicking doth make our woes depart.
We walk together.

In bodice, bloomers, kilts and maille of chain,
velvet tights do seem to entertain.
We hoist our ale, a toast to health impart,
to rogue and wench, to pirate and to tart.
This is where our hearts do e'er remain.
We walk together.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A bit of nonsense

A Whimsy

If I could catch butterflies on my tongue
and fairy dust in my dreams,
I'd bottle the taste of rainbows and polish
the moon until it gleams.

If I could float with the guardians above
and dance among the stars,
I'd plant a forest of lemon drop trees,
jelly beans and chocolate bars.

If I could play music with the gnomes
and ride upon a dragon's wing,
I'd paint the world with melted jewels
and teach caterpillars to sing.

With angel feathers to pillow my head
and blankets of velvet sky,
I'd drift to a magical world and dance
to a lavendar lullaby.

Sweet dreams! :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Night Life

A ballade. A very untraditional ballade, but it follows the form. Maybe the result of a combination of Sookie Stackhouse overload and a good dose of allergy medicine. Maybe I really need to move my dreamcatcher. :)

Night Life

Evil sounds find their way
into my dreams at night,
where demons love to play
far from the burning light;
they fill my mind with fright
and draw me close to tears;
it's a bewitching sight
that plays upon my fears.

The spirits rest by day
then dance with morbid might
to music filled with grey.
Upon the starless night
the witches take their flight;
their cries fill frightened ears.
To my savage delight
they play upon my fears.

Lost souls in disarray
descend from unknown height
to where the timid pray
and shiver in the night.
Unholy fires burn bright
and glow in eyes that leer;
unknown terrors take flight
and play upon my fears.

And now, it's near daylight.
Images grow unclear,
'til ghouls again, next night,
will play upon my fears.

side note: For selection of poetic form each day, I am using an updated edition of my old college poetry text "The Book of Forms" by Lewis Turco.

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Monday Haiku

What a great weekend! I do realize that I have not yet posted a poem for Saturday and Sunday. I am working on a "weekend poetry event" that I will post at the end of the month. For today, I have a haiku:

Wake to Bailey's bark.
Blue skies; watch the clouds roll in.
*sneeze* Must be Monday.

I think I am going to focus on a different form each day, but Mondays will always be a haiku.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Ode to Spring

Following in the far distant footsteps of Keats, I present my Ode to Spring. Keats, ironically, died in Rome (not NY but Italy, of course, but still).

To Spring

A spring dawns bright with skies of sapphire hue;
the sun presents itself with watery rays,
a promise of the golden power due
as morning grows into the warmest days.
Windchimes present the saucy songs of spring
with gentle nudge from pollen-laden breeze.
A gust, a snap of winter not yet passed:
a bit of snow to melt, a springtime sneeze.
Just hints of what the season'll often bring:
A pretty bonnet; listen ~ church bells ring,
as we give praise and hope the warmth will last.

On grass so green as to make Ireland proud,
a robin frolics with a mallard duck;
the geese have passed on their return, so loud!
The rain brings worms for early birds, what luck.
The energies abound, they overflow
like streams from melting ice do swell the banks
and lakes and rivers run to swiftly meet.
The first of April brings the happy pranks,
the fun and joyful tease of those who know
that laughter helps the winter blues to go
and smiles in springtime always are so sweet.

It's time to say hello, as days grow long,
to daffodils and tulips on the stem,
to peepers as they sing their morning song;
as we awake, we smile and sing with them.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April is National Poetry Month!

There was a librarian in Rome,
surrounded by books in her home.
When spring rolled around,
a longing she found,
to express herself in a poem.

And with that I am kicking off my month of poetry. I will read and write a poem every day. (They might even get better. We can only hope....)

I hope you enjoy! :)

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