Friday, January 1, 2010

Success and a Happy New Year!

How wonderful to enter a new year, a new decade on a success! When I started this project, it was almost a lark. I was desperate to get some order in my apartment, and so made a rash decision. About a month into the year, I decided to really dedicate myself to completing the task. I slipped along the way, had two major shopping sprees and a few good jags at bookstores, but I always managed to get myself back on track. I am actually beginning 2010 with at least 365 fewer items in my possession than I had when 2009 began! I had my doubts (as did many others, I know *grin*), but I DID IT!!!!!!

And now, I have for the last entry: 4 days, one new coat, a digital video player and a dashboard mount for my GPS.

Thus, I am getting rid of one coat, one robe, a sweater, a broken CD mount, 2 shawls, and a pair of gloves. Just to be on the safe side, in case I have missed a day or two (or an acquisition or two) I am also getting rid of a few pairs of pajamas and five books.

And so we begin a new year. Be happy, be healthy, and be wonderful!

I'm going shopping....

The very merry Christmas issue

This is exclusively for Christmas Day. There will be another final issue later today.

Yes, I am blessed. I realize that every day, and never more than at Christmas. This year I was gifted by many people with CONSUMABLES! Wine, chocolate, dip, temporary tattoos, cookies and candles. And gift cards, oh wonderful gift cards. And a great set of purple socks.

I also, however, got a lot of stuff.
To be specific, and in no particular order: 2 pint glasses, 2 wine glasses, 2 casserole dishes, 2 sweaters, a t-shirt, a jersey, 3 pair of earrings, 3 books, 1 bread plate, 2 DVDs, 2 CDs, 1 paperweight, 1 foot stool, 1 curling iron, 1 gps case, 1 SU snuggie, a tea towel, 2 sets of napkins, a candle trimmer, a bell, 2 ornaments, a mug, a wine stopper, a wine vacuum set and a scarf.

So, I now have to account for 37 things. We'll call it an even 40, as I most likely forgot to list something. So, I have gotten rid of:3 pair pants, 1 gps case, 2 sheet sets, 3 pair pillowcases, 4 holiday sweaters, 6 pair jeans, 4 holiday fleece, 1 pair boots, 1 glove, 1 curling iron, 2 pins, 2 pair earrings, 8 broken pieces of jewelry, 1 wine rack, and one SU doll. And what wasn't tossed is packed into one old suitcase to give to the rescue mission.

That covers Christmas. And now the strata is done and it's time for brunch. I'll be back this afternoon to finish up the year.

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