Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Fuzzy

Well, I made it through some pretty awesome changes this week.  I got back on the writing cycle.  Horse? Train?  Whatever,  I'm doing it.  And I plan to keep doing it.

I started back at the gym, and I have kept up with it.  Yeah, yeah, it's only been two days, but that's TWO whole days.  Of exercising.  Me!  But I have a purple gym bag and new sneakers (not purple, though) and an excuse to buy a purple water bottle, so I think I might stick with it this time.

As it's First Friday (first of the month and my first back blogging!), I thought I'd start a new tradition here at Living Simply 365 ~ The Friday Fuzzy.

Instead of a long rambling post that bores you to the point of drinking or binge eating truffles (like you're not going to that this weekend anyway!), I'll just leave you for the weekend with something like this:

This one actually qualifies as a Flashback Friday, too.  It's Bailey, my furbaby, just a few days after he adopted me all those years ago.

I hope you all have something fabulous planned for this weekend.  I am starting back up my Girls Day In, and there is a family dinner and some football and lots of baking planned, too.  Not to mention the start of Slow Cooker Sunday!  And yes, even a trip or two to the gym.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and I'll see you on the flip side!
Thanks for listening.

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